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Services Provided:



Construction Services

In The Works 

     Gradual renovation of a historic craftsman-style home

     in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana.


     A Murphy-Bed system is hidden away in this lovely custom-designed millwork closet, providing ample room and flexibility in this multi-functional office space.

Faux wainscot 'paneling' has been installed and painted in a child's nursery to create a cozy animal-themed haven.

Complementing the cabinet in the office space, a similar closet wardrobe was fabricated for the Master Bedroom.


      Front entry landscape consisting of native grasses, forbs, and perennials, provide a seasonal display of colors, textures, and forms while requiring minimal maintenance. A redesigned rear courtyard in which new access was provided to the ground level, while also providing a small yoga deck overlooking a repurposed soaking tub.

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