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Moss Lake Residence

Services Provided:



Construction Services

This home sits high upon a costal chenier, surrounded by beautiful hardwoods and boundless marshes. Damaged by Hurricanes Laura & Delta in 2020, the owners took advantage of the opportunity to renovate the property into the home of their dreams.


After the storms, the home had to be completely gutted. The client wished to take advantage of the opportunity and reconfigure the floor plan layout for an open Kitchen/Living setup perfect for entertaining. An additional bedroom was added as well in the space of the former Kitchen.


The entry to the project is met with large stands of mature live oaks and heavy shade. Utilizing native specimens adapted to these conditions, a new drive court is imagined and incorporated into the home's function. 

A large border of native and ornamental shrubs and grass wrap the northern edge of the existing porch, mindful to not disturb the boundless views beyond. 

Along the waters edge, a large swath of wetland grasses, perennials and shrubs lead the eye to the multifunctional boathouse and dock. 


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