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In The Works 

Located on Lake Roy in Winter Haven, FL, this mid-century ranch home sits protected by stately oaks, high upon a hill with a gentle sweeping slope greeting the waters edge. A new verdant landscape and pool will connect the exterior landscape into the heart of the home and interior renovations.

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The open kitchen/living space of this waterfront home was redesigned to take over what was once a screened-in porch as additional living area overlooking the lake. The Kitchen area was reconfigured to provide an updated layout with large central island focused around entertaining. Extending out into the courtyard is a new Master Suite addition featuring large sliding doors opening out onto the new landscaping.


Utilizing the existing topograpgy and house layout, the new landscape captures the broad expansive views of Lake Roy, while celebrating the rich plant palette of Central and South Florida. Pockets of planting provide small seating areas and gathering places, framing a central Pool and Spa area with Outdoor Kitchen and Dining area